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Bian Jiang Studios



All the way to use the film specification Dolby 7.1.4 panoramic sound recording studio, to ensure the audio quality. Use of high specification sound studio, rejecting dynamic material, using realistic sound effects.

Localization and More

We can deliver top quality acting in English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Italian, Thai, German and more. Working with Top talents around the country and the globe.

Our Services

Face Productions



Dubbing & Voice Over

At Bian Jiang Studios & Face Productions, create and capture dubbing and voice over with the help of professionals and the latest technology on the market. We specialize in films and TV series, animation, video games, advertisements, commercials, documentaries, textbooks, educational materials, audiobooks and more!


Want to record your own projects or music in the comfort of a professional recording studio? Book your next recording session to have access to all our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Contact us to find out more about our recording rates and availability. Don't wait too long, our calendar fills up fast!

The Team (Bian Jiang)

Bian Jiang (边江)

Founded by famous dubbing actor Bianjiang.

Graduated from the acting department of Beijing Film Academy, class of 02, dubbing class, voice actor, dubbing director and actor in Mainland China.
Bian Jiang gave his voice for several famous productions from Disney, Netflix or even Ubisoft.

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Bai Jin Zan (白杺瓒)

She graduated from the dubbing class of Beijing Film Academy and studied under senior dubbing actor Xu Yan. Chinese mainland dubbing actor and dubbing director. Working closely with Netflix and on some of the most famous Chinese dramas such as Jianghu, The Last Summoner or even Perfect World.

Top Chinese Talents

A-List Chinese stars from all across the Chinese film and television industry, exclusively contracted. Top famous actors such as Chen Zhang Tai Kang (陈张太康), Jin Li (锦 鲤), He Wen Xiao (贺文潇), Yi Fan (弋 凡),  Zhang Si Wang Zhi (张思王之), Liu Si Cen (刘思岑), Dk Lu Li Feng (DK卢力峰), Shi Ze Kun (史泽鲲), Zhang Yu Meng (张雨濛),  Bei Chen (北辰) and many more!

The Team
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The Team (Face Productions)

Maile (杨帆)

Maile is an ADR and dubbing director, voice over talent, and dialogue coach. Her ADR directing projects include The Battle at Changjin Lake, Saturday Fiction, The Mystery of the Dragon Seal, John Woo's Manhunt, and the broadcast announcements at Beijing's new Universal Studios theme park. As a coach, she has worked with talents such as Jackie Chan, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Hanyu, Hai Qing, and Fang Bingbing. Her voice has been heard in dozens of films, video games and educational projects, including Jiliguala. Maile also writes and edits screen dialogue and speeches. She holds a B.A. in film production from Emerson College, a M.S. in journalism from Columbia University and a Master's from the Journalism School at Sciences Po Paris.

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Matthieu Ardon (马修)

French, in China since 2013.
Producing, Directing and Acting for 6 years, over a thousand hours of production achieved in multi-language
Dubbing Projects. Production (FR, EN, RU, SP, CH)
• Built up a vast network of professional partners for every step of
the production (Translators, Sound Engineers,Directors, Native Actors, Post-Production Engineers, …)
• Built up a robust, scalable and flexible workflow to tackle Dubbing
Projects of all sizes and complexity.
• Built up a transversal suite of tracking and analysis tools,as well as created a proprietary dubbing software,to support the workflow and achieve high speed, qualityand overall efficiency.

Antoine Picot (安东)

French, in China since 2005.
• Antoine has extensive experience in the dubbing and translating industry. After starting as a French/Chinese business interpreter in 2009, he has accumulated a vast amount of experience in the field as a free-lance translator and interpreter. He has translated numerous TV dramas for francophone African TV stations.
• In 2015 he started as a voice actor, and has since dubbed over 200 TV dramas, cartoons, movies, and documentaries. His voice can be
heard all over the French speaking African continent.
• Over his years of experience in the industry, Antoine has gained
valuable insights into the management and fine workings of
translating and dubbing projects.


The Team (Face Productions)

Hugo Poncet (雨果)

French, in China since 2010.
• Hugo has extensive experience in the dubbing and translating industry. After working for Fun Plus translating mobile games, he joined the multinational Perfect World (完美世界) in 2012 where he worked for more than 3 years, translating AAA video games and simultaneously dubbing games and advertisement.
• He then joined Startimes, one of the leader in terms of Movies and TV Shows. He has translated and dubbed numerous TV dramas for francophone African and European TV stations. Hugo is also specialized in music production, working on many projects in China and abroad. Alternatively signed at Universal Music Publishing Group, his skills varies from writing to sound engineering.


Finger (首智)

Finger is a graduate of Beijing Film Academy with over seven years of experience in film and TV sound production, covering feature films, documentaries, animations, games, short films and commercials. He is very familiar with sound production for film and television, and is skilled in all aspects of sound production, including design, mixing, editing, ADR and foley recording, as well as on location recording. He has also taught film and TV sound productionto university students and the public.

Todd Kuhns (特德)

American, in China since 2015
Entrepreneur and high-level manager with a diverse background and strong marketing, team-building, project management, writing, and presentation skills. Former mayor with years of experience in IT and web-based app development and programming, internet-based startups, and traditional education administration and teaching.

Previously director of business development for a disruptive multi-million dollar, international tech startup, and internationally-fluent with basic proficiency in Mandarin. In addition to owning and managing a small full-service transmedia production company for over 20 years, he also does professional voiceover and acting work, on both stage and screen.

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